Heritage Damp Specialists

Heritage Damp Specialists was founded with the belief that there is a real need for an independent and impartial damp consultancy firm. The director and founder is a highly experienced MRICS Chartered Building Surveyor and Fellow of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers, with over 20 years of experience in undertaking full structural surveys on historic and Listed buildings and specific defect reports, including the identification and diagnosis of damp and moisture problems in traditional buildings. Prior to becoming a chartered building surveyor in 2002, he worked in the damp proofing industry as a plasterer, which has provided him with a unique perspective and understanding of the damp industry from both the contractor and consultant sides of the industry.

We believe that our wide knowledge of building construction, experience in dealing with Listed Building requirements, building regulation consents, planning applications and the Party Wall etc. Act provide the cornerstone of our ability to advise on the various causes of damp problems and damp remediation works and potential legal implications.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of truly independent damp experts in the industry. The damp industry is been dominated by the PCA (Property Care Association), whose members are mostly damp contractors and salespeople with a vested interest in identifying damp problems that can be solved by selling their products. You can also obtain a damp surveyors qualification from the PCA but this usually takes two weeks to complete and the attendees are mostly damp proofing contractors and most of the advice provided often results in costly and unnecessary damp proofing works, which will eventually destroy the fabric of the building by treating the symptoms of the problem rather than the actual problem itself. From our experience, most damp issues are caused by moisture problems such as condensation or penetrating damp, which can usually be addressed by relatively simple interventions.

All of our inspections and reports are undertaken in accordance with the RICS, Historic England, and PCA joint position statement on the investigation of moisture and effects on traditional buildings. This ensures that our policies are aligned with the best practices in the industry. Unlike damp contractors who usually recommend unnecessary damp proofing works. Our philosophy at Heritage Damp Specialist is to approach any building moisture-related problems from first principles to establish the cause, and then we will only recommend recommend the best course of remedial works.

If you suspected damp problem or you have received a survey report recommending a damp inspection or mortgage valuation report identifying a damp issue, please feel free to contact us and we can advise further.

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