Damp survey cost £250

Follow-up survey cost £125, such as after additional works by general builder


We undertake an independent and thorough investigation of London property, identifying the symptoms of damp; from rising damp, condensation, mould, rot and woodworm to stains caused by leaks or penetrating damp.

Time and permission permitting, we will solve the causes of damp during the survey. A report is sent out about a day later detailing the root cause(s) of damp, our reasoning and estimated costs. We are independent, never benefitting from our recommendations.

With our damp and timber surveys,  you can be sure there are never any conflicts of interest.


Properties are not build damp and mouldy, it is the changes to the original design that causes the greatest challenges.

We identify the root cause(s) of damp. Time and permission permitting, we fix problems during the survey.

A report of findings is sent out about a week later with including the root cause(s) of damp, our reasoning and estimated costs of additional work. We are independent, never benefitting from our recommendations.

We are independent and  never benefit from recommendations. We don’t sell, we survey.


Most damp and mould in tenanted properties is caused by insufficient use of the ventilation. Understandably, tenants favour heat retention over ventilation.

We undertake an independent and thorough investigation of the symptoms of damp in the property identifying the root cause(s). We assess adequacy of the ventilation provided, make improvements and instruct tenants on the do’s and don’ts of keeping the property mould free.

A survey report is sent out about a week later.

Our surveys can be used at a tribunal (RICS qualified expert witness).


Surveys take 1 to 1.5hours. Occasionally we will need to monitor dampness or atmospheric humidity.
It is often useful to see the other side of a damp wall, such as in a neighbour’s property.
Most causes of damp are easy and quick to fix, once the root cause is correctly identified.
This is why most damp issues are misdiagnosed or over engineered by contractors.
Our role is to identify the root cause of damp. 
We can fix (at least temporarily) many issues during the survey, time permitting.
Examples of on-survey solutions are: reachable gutter, down-pipe and gulley repairs, blocked or leaking ventilation, optimising extractor fans, improving heat distribution, simple plumbing repairs, such as realigning ballcocks.
We are not contractors. We never charge for repairs. We don’t install or replace equipment. 
Independence and eliminating conflicts of interest, is a key aspects of the service.


The fee is a fixed rate of £250 for the survey and standard PDF report (sent by email).
We send an invoice a few days in advance confirming the appointment time, with payment details.
The fee is paid in advance in the form of a refundable deposit. 
We charge an additional amount for an additional more complex report with photos, details of each issue and links to online resources (suited for Homebuyers who don’t own the property).
This can be chosen after receiving the standard PDF report.

Rising damp guarantee

We will repay the full fee, no questions asked, if we find rising damp is the root cause. It is that rare in London.
We would also like to be involved in ongoing monitoring, as data is important for the scientific study of this rare and illusive phenomena.
We have two fee refunded cases we are currently studying, both appear to be linked to effects in street-side surface water drains (penetrating damp not rising damp).

Satisfaction guarantee

We want you to be satisfied so that you would like to write an informative review for future clients.
The survey and report comes with a satisfaction guarantee. 
If you are unhappy with the service, just tell us within two weeks of the survey and we will repay the fee in full, within two weeks of being informed.
Please call and speak to someone to ask for a fee refund as we are often overwhelmed with emails.