About Damp Surveys Ltd

Incorporated in 2017 after 10 years managing properties & solving damp

Surveyor Fixes Damp

Correcting misdiagnosis

Epidemic of misdiagnosis

Damp takes time and experience to diagnoses. The risk of damp has increased with modern living and reduced ventilation. 

Fear of being sued has encouraged homebuyer surveyors who detect slight dampness, to “delegate” damp to specialist contractors who have a conflict of interest. The consequence is a rising damp diagnosis and chemical damp proofing.

Accurate diagnosis

Damp Surveys Ltd was founded to improve the accuracy of damp  diagnosis and  its treatment. 

Science of water movement is complex. Water vapour, hygroscopic salts and rain are common causes of damp, but poorly understood and rarely subject to independent investigation before treatment.

Old buildings were not designed for modern living and reduced ventilation for heat conservation.

We challenge established thinking, accepting evidence only were it is verifiable.

Debunking received wisdom

Water is absorbed up a porous material. It has been proved to rise up to about 400mm from standing water.

The Property Care Association (“PCA”) and rising damp proofers point to examples of high salts bands as proof that damp can rise more than 400mm from standing water.

Watch this space

We have decided to test out the PCA’s theory. If they are wrong, which is likely. Then rising damp is virtually impossible unless a house is sitting in water.

damp surveys - Simon Hichens
Simon Hichens, damp surveyor

You can solve your damp for FREE

We can help you solve your damp problem in our simple 7 step root cause damp solution, through an online course and series of tips.

You can solve your damp for FREE

Many of the topics are completely free. Some hard-won knowledge is charged for a modest fee, through Thinkifik.com.

If you can’t fix it yourself, request a damp survey

On site Damp Surveys will resume in London on 1 September 2020.

RICS qualified expert witness

As a RICS qualified expert witness, I have investigated thousands of damp walls in London to find the root cause of moisture. 

  • Of over 2,000 walls with dampness at the base of the wall, all were caused:
    1. vapour above or below ground level,
    2. hygroscopic salts mainly from chimney breasts,
    3. leaks or
    4. rainwater.
  • None of the damp was caused by rising damp.
  • Most damp had beed misdiagnosed by a damp proofer.
  • Most walls had been treated for rising damp that had failed.

Damp Survey Philosophy

 Most damp and mould problems take minutes to stop, once the root cause has been correctly identify. This is especially true in London where groundwater is well below ground levels. The expertise and time taken is normally in the identification of damp i.e. expert damp surveyor, not in the solution.

Which? exposed

Beware the rising damp proofing companies. Damp-proofing companies exposed in Which?

Independent damp surveys

Using an array of devices and techniques we trace damp back to its source, fix the root cause (permission and time permitting) and provide a user-friendly damp report, with additional recommendations and prices – mainly London.

Satisfaction guaranteed*

*We guarantee satisfaction or refund the full cost of our work, including any case of rising damp (none found so far).

The benefits of using an independent damp surveyor over a rising damp proofer (also known as contractors) are:

  1. Fix root cause of damp (not just symptoms).
  2. Stops risk of ongoing damage, such as from Dry rot.
  3. Consider everything, eliminate nothing.
  4. Conserve performance of old walls.
  5. Independent damp proofers are not trying to sell a product.
  6. Typically significantly cheaper in long run.

 For clarity anyone entering into a contract is a contractor. Anyone fixing damp, with or without chemicals, is a damp proofer. PCA refer to chemical rising damp proofers, as contractors.