rising damp

Rising damp £2,000 reward

We are offering a reward of £2,000 to any client who pays our normal survey fee of £250 in advance, who has rising damp.

Rising damp is defined as the upward absorption of groundwater above the ground level, inside a building. Groundwater is the water below the water table. Groundwater is not rain water in soil. Rainwater should be drained away from a property.


The reward runs to 30 September 2020 and is currently in London only (within the M25). Simon Hichens will act fairly but it is his absolute discretion as to whether there is rising damp and that the reward is justified.

We are doing this to find a genuine case of rising damp to study it, not as a trick.
We don’t believe any genuine cases exist in London, but please prove us wrong.

£1,000 reward for first non-client

We are also offering £1,000 to any person, whose actions lead to a paying client with rising damp, or who can demonstrate rising damp, which we will verify on site, if it seems a likely and time permitting and subject to the conditions as above.

To demonstrate probable rising damp, please supply:

  • images of the inside and immediately outside of the damp wall,
  • property post code,
  • confirm that we will be able to have access and
  • proof of a contact with groundwater (such a photo the wall in contact with groundwater or a water level datalogger).

Rising damp – a half truth

Moisture can rise up porous material – see water absorb up a kitchen towell.
Water can rise up a wall about 400mm from standing water.
Salts move in water to the evaporation surface.

But to have rising damp, a building needs to be sitting in groundwater.

Condensation often forms at the cold base of a wall, on the surface or inside the wall.
Leaks tend to fall to the base of a wall.
Penetrating damp from rainwater tends to enter a building at the base of a wall.
Underfloor humidity from poorly ventilated sub-floor voids, can cause moisture to form above the damp proof course.

Rising damp is a half truth. Yes rising damp can be replicated in the laboratory, but it is so rare for a building to be in contact with groundwater, and rarely still to have rising damp, that there are no proven cases of rising damp (that I am aware of).

Half a Life – Khalil Gibran

Don’t sit with half-lovers.
Don’t endorse half-friends.
Don’t read for the half-talented.
Don’t live a half life.
Don’t die a half death.

Don’t choose a half solution.
Don’t stand in the middle of the truth.
Don’t dream a half dream.
Don’t hang on a half hope.

If you shut up, shut up till the end.
And if you talked, talk till the end.
Don’t be silent, so that you can speak.
And don’t speak, so that you can be silent.
If you were satisfied, express your gratitude.
Don’t fake a half gratitude.
And if you are unsatisfied, express your disapproval.
Because a half disapproval, is actually an approval.

The half is a life you didn’t live.
It is a word you didn’t say.
A smile you postponed.
A love you couldn’t attain.
A friendship you didn’t know.
This half is what makes you strange even to the closet people around you.
And It is what makes the closest people, strangers for you.

The half is to reach and not to reach.
To work and not to work.
To leave and to arrive.
The half is you, when you are not yourself….
Because you didn’t know who you are.

The half is that you don’t know who you are.
And whom you love is not your other half.
It is you in another place at the same time.
Half a drink won’t quench your thirst.
Half a meal won’t satisfy your hunger.
Walking half of the road won’t get you anywhere.

Half of an idea won’t give you a result.
The half is your moment of weakness, but you are not weak!
Because you are not a half human.
You are a human.
You were here to live a life, not to live a half life!

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