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Heritage Damp Survey

Our Heritage Damp Surveys are conducted on traditional properties typically constructed before 1950. These inspections involve a holistic approach to produce a building condition pathology report, which should not be confused with the standard Timber and Damp Survey carried out by damp contractors. Our surveys comply with BS7913:2013 Guide, BRE Digest 245, and the Joint Statement Position on the Investigation of Moisture and its Effects on Traditional Buildings, providing clear guidelines for surveyors to diagnose and specify remedial action for damp and timber issues. We address the damp issues and examine external and internal factors that may contribute to the problem, including the condition of external factors, modern interventions, and human activities generating moisture. If necessary, we may also take samples for Gravimetric testing in our laboratory to confirm the root cause of the damp/moisture issue. The report produced will guide you on the most suitable method of repair or remediation. We may even suggest a short period of monitoring using data loggers to confirm our diagnosis.