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independent, over 2,000 damp issues, all solved, without injecting chemicals

Corona update;

we have started surveying properties again, subject to social distancing and PPE, inline with Government recommendations.

Damp fixed in survey

chemical free damp proofing
See wall after chemical free damp proofing, years after. Smart London flat.
misdiagnosed rising damp, damp proofed
See wall before our chemical free damp fix, but only two years after London's biggest rising damp proofer, costing £10K, quoting a further £16K.

We find, identify and in a majority of cases can fix the root cause of damp during the survey for no additional fee.

See the example to the left. A smart London lower ground floor flat had been misdiagnosed and treated for rising damp twice, by London’s best known rising damp proofing company. The guarantee was refused twice and an additional charge of £16K was quoted.

The root cause was not rising damp. We fixed the root cause during the survey for no additional charge. A general builder followed our specifications to complete the work.

Avoid damage to your damp wall, by having an independent damp survey from a competent damp surveyor. See Damp-proofing companies exposed in Which?

Rising damp proofing doesn’t work unless the damp is caused by groundwater, which in London is 65M below ground, below the tube line – so exceptionally rare, so rare we will replay the survey fee and would like to study it, with your permission.

The solution would have saved £30K

We visited the neighbour (which the damp proofers never asked to do) and solved the root cause of dampness, during a 90 minute damp survey (for no additional cost).

We can help you solve your own damp problem in our simple 7 step root cause damp solution, through an online course.

You can solve your damp for FREE

Many of the topics are completely free. Some hard-won knowledge is charged for a modest fee, through https://surveys.thinkific.com.

If you can’t find the cause, get a survey

We are surveying subject to PPE and social distancing.

Damp Survey Philosophy

Most damp and mould problems take minutes to stop once the root cause has been correctly identify. This is especially true in London where the groundwater in well below ground levels. The expertise and time taken is normally in the identification i.e. damp survey, not in the solution. In truth it can take hours, days, sometimes even months to identify the root cause of damp. With the client’s onsite help and monitoring, we don’t give up until we have identified the root cause of damp. The problem is most surveyors don’t have the time and therefore experience to trace damp to its root cause. It can take a number of visits to identify the root cause of damp, but once you’ve identified it and stopped it, the problem disappears. Whereas with chemical rising damp treatment it will keep plaguing you for years, especially when you sell your house. This is because rising damp doesn’t not exist in London, therefore the root cause will remain unfixed and continue, hidden inside the wall, potentially causing Dry rot.

Independent damp surveyor

Whether or not you choose Damp Surveys Ltd to help you solve your damp issues, please don’t have chemicals injected into your property. Chemicals may hide the symptoms, but they don’t solve the root cause. Chemical damp proof treatment is a short term solution often long term consequences, damage and ongoing costs.

Rising damp impossible in London

Rising damp is caused by the absorption of groundwater up a wall. Groundwater is pumped out in London, to about 65M below ground, a level below the London underground.

Why avoid a FREE damp survey?

There has never been an independently confirmed cases in London, of groundwater in contact with the base of a wall, the cause of rising damp. There are plenty of cases of damaged drainage in London, such as from roads. But that isn’t rising damp and the solution is to repair the drain, not inject chemicals. Chemicals merely hide the damp they don’t stop the damage cause by damp.

Snake oil
Like a salesman in your home?

Yet rising damp proofers such as: Kenwood, Rentokil, Tapco, Peter Cox, Lifecote, Timberwise, ProTen, Rosewood, Bryhill, Swiftcure etc. continue to offer FREE or low cost damp surveys to sell chemical injections and rising damp proofing treatment to the unsuspecting. See Damp-proofing companies exposed in Which?

RICS qualified expert witness

As a RICS qualified expert witness, we investigate thousands of damp walls to find the root cause of damp. None are caused by rising damp, even though they all have dampness at the base of the wall, most have surface salts and most have been misdiagnosed and treated for rising damp.

Deising damp doesn’t exist in London, why?

The way to fix damp permanently is by a surveyor identifying and fixing the root cause of damp, e.g.:

  1. Mains water leaks, such as a damaged pipe,
  2. Rainwater leaks, such as from a gutter,
  3. Sub-floor vapour from rainwater,
  4. Excess internal humidity,
  5. Hygroscopic salts.

Only independent damp surveyors are motivated to permanently fix the root cause of damp, not rising damp proofers (known by the PCA as contractors).

the main cost is in the diagnosis