How much does a damp survey cost

There is no such thing as a free damp survey. If you are offered a free damp survey or one that costs only a couple of hundred pounds, on the basis the fee will be refunded if any works are required, then it much is more likely that the damp surveyor works for a timber and damp company that makes their money from damp proofing works. A free survey carried out by a damp contractor will probably end up costing you thousand of pounds for works that were not necessary in the first place. The problem is then likely to reappear a few years later, which is why we sometimes inspect a property that has two chemical damp proof courses neither of which solved the damp problem.

The cost of our damp inspections start at £650 but will vary depending on the client’s brief and the type of property being inspected. A full damp survey and report on a large period property would be much more expensive than a similar inspection on a terraced Victorian house.

Depending on the results of our initial inspection it may be necessary to undertake further investigations such as a drain survey to eliminate or confirm the results of our initial inspection and appraisal of the cause.

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